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Health Products

We only sell a few products--all of which were first personally tested and used by the author with great results.

NATURAIR Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator
Hair Mineral Analysis

The NATURAIR Twin Air Pro negative ion generator.

The NATURAIR Twin Air Pro negative ion generator is available now from us. We are the only American distributor of this excellent device now. The Author recently bought the NaturAir Twin Pro for his own problems. After 40 years of buying and trying many different negative ion generators, this is the only one that lived up to its promise of putting out a tremendous amount of negative ions and no ozone. You will know right away that this is the “real deal.” Trillions of negative ions are produced with the ion count at 12 Inches being greater than 200 million ions per cm3. No positive ions or ozone is produced and this is guaranteed.Note that it has no fan, and none is needed due to its advanced design. Whisper quiet.

If you feel better in the shower or at a waterfall or in or near ocean surf, this may be an indication that you need negative ions [anions] much of the time.

Negative ion deficiency can be at least partially causative in some people’s sinus problems, breathing problems, headache, fatigue, brain fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleep difficulty, and other problems. Legal disclaimer: No guarantee is stated or implied herein that this device will cure any medical condition. Consult your physician.

Here is a video of an independent person separately testing this device for negative ion output and ozone output. Ozone can cause respiratory distress. The testing proved: 1. An off-the-scale amount of negative ions produced, 2. zero ozone, 3. the lack of positive ion output, unlike most available ionizers. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKWxiB49MLE

As a well known holistic health author and a former Physics professor, Steven Rochlitz would not be staking his reputation, if this product were not unique and, to his knowledge, the best negative ion generator on the market now. Made in China. Color is silver. It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturer defects, but not from misuse.

NATURAIR Twin Air PRO negative ion generator: Price: $247. U.S. This includes shipping to USA, Canada and Australia. It usually arrives, via FedEx, in 2-4 business days.

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Hair Mineral Chart Hair Mineral Analysis

Mercury and other heavy metal toxins can cause almost any health problem. Porphyria can be induced by heavy metals. Mineral deficiencies can also cause many health problems. This is an important test for everyone to do every year or so.

The EPA has said that hair is the most accurate tissue to test for long-term exposure to mercury, lead, arsenic and other toxic/heavy metals. Our test comes with an analysis of about 35 toxic and nutritional minerals and a lengthy report (emailed to you) and up to a half hour consultation with the author by phone. It is very important to ascertain if a heavy metal problem exists. Disclaimer: This test is not for diagnosing or treating any medical condition. Please consult your physician for medical diagnosing and treatment. Available only for readers of my books. Fee: $125. includes a lengthy report and graphs and 1/2 hour consult about the results.

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