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Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause of Common, Chronic, and Environmental Illnesses. With Breakthroughs in Diet, Supplements, and Energy Balancing.

Foreword by Randall Langston, M.D.

"As a Board Certified Otolaryngologist (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist, allergist, and Environmental Medicine specialist, I find this book compelling and comprehensive in its investigation of these many difficult to treat illnesses. Prof. Rochlitz has shone the light on the elephant in the darkened room, where so many of us were feeling different parts such as the legs, trunk, and tail, and exclaiming that this is what an elephant is. His careful and extensively researched investigations into porphyria, and the many possible associated conditions, warrant careful and thoughtful consideration.

I first met Prof. Steve Rochlitz at a workshop of his in Long Island, New York, where I witnessed and experienced first hand the efficacy of kinesiology and muscle testing. Ladies and gentlemen, these modalities work and are scientifically valid, because the results are both verifiable and reproducible. I would strongly recommend my colleagues in the health professions familiarize themselves with these techniques.

This book emphasizes the need to be familiar with the many interactions between supplements and drugs in the many conditions encountered. Again this is where kinesiological muscle testing is essential to proper utilization of therapeutic strategies. Also important is the use of all diagnostic modalities, such as hair analysis for toxic buildup of heavy metals. I know of one case of a psychotic patient who had seen forty psychiatrists around the world. She was finally cured after her hair analysis revealed mercury toxicity. The example in this book of the famous lady from Santa Fe, who had electromagnetic field sensitivity who whacked out electrical devices, and who was cured, is a compelling example of what can be accomplished in these cases. The fact that she had breast cancer, and was cured according to her by energy balancing, is certainly worth investigating in other similar cases. I would urge all people with a true and open scientific orientation to keep an open and detached mind, and truly investigate further. Note the mention of “dirty electricity” in a home, and its possible effects on the ill, and not yet sick, alike. We are well advised to be aware of what we are surrounding ourselves with at home and perhaps at work.[Legal Disclaimer from Author: No claims are made for curing EMFS, cancer or anything else.]

This treatise delves extensively into many of the well-known illnesses such as thyroid and adrenal conditions to name a few. There are discussions of microorganisms associated with illnesses such as Candida (Yeast), as well as parasites and bacterial infections affecting many of these conditions. The association of some meats containing the carbohydrate alpha-galactose being associated with severe allergic reactions is cited. T. Colin Campbell PhD demonstrated that animal protein can also cause cancer whereas vegetable protein does not. But there is a caution in this book to vegetarians who eat vegetables grown with manure to be wary about the microorganisms that may invade their intestinal tracts and cause illness.

There is extensive discussion of the CYP450 enzyme system, which converts fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble compounds, which can then be conjugated and excreted through the bile and urine. Prof. Rochlitz discusses how deficient or “down regulated” and//or porphyric CYP450s make it difficult to clear hormones or inflammatory compounds such as histamine. I have witnessed many patients who had seemingly intractable histamine issues, and was unable to help. There are detailed descriptions of the many intricate interactions, which are magnified in the porphyric individual, but may well be present in other situations such as liver diseases to name one.

There is no one thing that fits all situations in this book. There is a balance between which drug, supplement, or dietary approach, may be beneficial in one instance but detrimental to another patient. The role of the Hiatal Hernia/Vagus Nerve Imbalance and its correction cannot be over-emphasized. I do this on myself daily and feel it helps... The role of dairy is also worth noting because the protein casein has been shown to damage pancreatic cells, and therefore should be avoided in diabetics and porphyrics. It is noteworthy that casein caused liver cancer in mice in studies at Cornell University when increased from 5% to 20% of caloric intake.

There are examples here of different eating strategies employed by porphyrics, and other environmentally ill individuals. Supplements that may be beneficial to porphyrics and multiple chemically sensitive people are listed .The value of good water intake is stressed, with cautions to monitor salt and potassium levels. There are detailed discussions of multiple drugs and supplements and how to evaluate. One example is GABA (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid) deficiency, and its association with seemingly unrelated conditions such palpitations, seizures, lower sex drive, anxiety, irritability, headaches, and hypertension. This is followed by the caution about overdosing on this nutrient causing the very same symptoms it is supposed to eliminate. This is true of all supplements, and is made clear throughout the book. Again prior muscle testing is recommended for all supplements. This is also a very valuable tool to check the foods one is ingesting. If one tests weak, that food or supplement is best avoided. I know of one Korean study where cabbage was shown to a group of a thousand people with one person functioning as the tester and the other the subject. The first bag of cabbage everyone tested strong, and the second everyone tested weak. The first bag was grown organically and the second with pesticides. The chemically sensitive patient probably would have known this, but it is obviously valuable for those not yet ill to be made aware of.

Studies listed in this book demonstrate the probable true incidence of the genetic predisposition to porphyria being from 5% to 20%. It also delves into those factors that unmask porphyric genes, and how this may result in illness—both environmental and otherwise. All of the conditions either caused by, or associated with, porphyria are carefully scientifically evaluated. I find this book to be an important reference guide regarding both the etiology of these conditions, as well as strategies for their treatment and elimination. This book is a must read for the professional and layperson alike."

Randall A Langston M.D. [Ret.]

Member American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Fellow American Academy Of Otolarygology,

Fellow American Academy Otolaryngic Allergy,


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