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Thank you for visiting our pages. UPDATE: We have disabled new entries due to the flood of online casinos and other junk on this page. You can always email us with relevant comments, and they may be posted manually. Be well. This page Copyright 2000-2022. Steven Rochlitz. All Rights Reserved.

Father of autistic child. [2018] My 8 year old son was autistic and could never speak. In days after getting your books and doing a phone consult with you about hidden porphyria and other things, he began to talk and is so much better. For this, you will always be family to me.

Kay McNeil [2016]: "When I went to see Prof. Rochlitz, I was in moderate to severe pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had been in pain for 12 years. After Prof. Rochlitz tested and balanced me, I felt 85% better. Now months later, the pain in my body from RA is still at a minimum. Thanks again for your help."

Patrice I. 2015: “My grown son has had severe epilepsy and severe porphyria for years. They even did brain surgery on him as the drugs were not preventing seizures. After reading your Porphyria book and learning and doing the illustrated kinesiology techniques on my son, and following your diet recommendations made during the phone consult, my son is well for the first time in many years. I cried tears of joy, as he is now golfing with his father, and no longer going to the ER or living in the hospital. You book has truly changed his life and mine. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Gwendolyn Jones. 2015. "Thank you Prof Steve for doing wellness consults with me on the phone. They were very helpful! Anyone who has read your books or heard your recent radio interview with that British nutritionist can tell that you are very brilliant and far ahead of the field. But my phone consults with you showed me how caring and wonderful you are. It was a delight working with you. You get to the heart of the matter so quickly and know what needs to be done. We covered so much regarding my history, diet, supplements, and your knowledge and assistance in my doing energy balancing techniques on the phone enabled me to finally get over all my complaints. You are a godsend! After reading your book, or books, or even before, people with porphyria, mast cell disease, MCS, EMFS, food sensitivities, CFS, fibro or other chronic problems would do well to request a wellness consult from you. I have or perhaps I should now say I had! most of those. Thank you again Professor Steve for helping me to be well."

LBailey [S.A.] 2014: “I recall how extremely sensitive I was to EMFs to the extent that I felt a vibration throughout my body especially on my back area, and my heart would also be banging away in my chest, after working on the computer for only a short while and the effects would be with me for the rest of the day and sometimes longer, which was quite disturbing. I felt like I was a hundred years old and was sure my heart would soon fail. RE MCS: Xenobiotics (the smell/fumes from fuel, cigarette smoke, paint, pesticides and even perfume) would affect me and I would have the taste of the substance in my mouth for the rest of the day regardless of what I ate or drank during the day. Since I've been on the recommended diet in your Porphyria book, I am less sensitive to EMFs and xenobiotics. I have my life back.”

From Betty Kreeger, USA: 2014; "I have personal experience with Steve Rochlitz and it is all good. I saw him in 2001…Prof. Rochlitz practices kinesiology and energy balancing which he developed. I was very sick when I went to see him and he discovered a lot of hidden allergies I had. Plus he found other things that were also confirmed by lab tests later. I even worked with him on the phone after leaving a few times. After being off the reactive foods he found, within two weeks my Fibromyalgia was basically gone. I went from barely being able to walk across the room to walking a mile or more. I had tons of energy and lost weight too. So I will defend Prof. Rochlitz to my end. …"

The discovery and treatment of my ecological illness by David Edwards January 2002

NOTE: See the end of this for the 2006 update from Dave Edwards

I live in Brisbane, Australia [NOTE: People have also come from Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth] and had been suffering for nearly six years with a mystery illness that nobody could find answers to. I spent years and thousands of dollars seeking solutions from the best doctors and specialists I could find, but still to no avail. I ended up being prescribed Valium and was told “it’s all in the mind” and given the impression I was crazy. One specialist in gastroenterology actually laughed at me when I mentioned I may have Leaky Gut Syndrome

I then pursued a string of ‘alternative’ therapies including Chinese Herbal professors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, holistic practitioners, crystal healers, colour and sound therapists, councillors, even an American Indian medicine chief! Still I had no answers and was getting sicker every day.

Here is a short list of the symptoms I developed over a number of years…

. chronic fatigue

· severely bloated abdomen

· feeling of fullness in the gut with acid-like burning, churning and cramping

· Irritable Bowel (constipation, lots of trapped gas)

· light-headedness, feeling of detachment

· lack of concentration

· diminished eye sight and coordination

· painful and irregular bowel movements, very smelly stools

· hypoglycaemia (leads to irritability, confusion, energy drops, low tolerance)

· complete exhaustion after physical activity - very slow recovery rate

· shallow breathing

· skin rashes, itchy scalp, psoriasis

· very stiff, aching muscles (whole body aches) (also called Fibromyalgia)

· constant feeling of being overwhelmed

· fever and headache bouts

· fungal nails

· depression

At times, I would get an ‘attack’ of symptoms that would completely drain me of all energy, give me severe abdominal pain, and lead to an ‘out of it’ state where I could barely stand up or work out what was going on around me.

I eventually found a holistic practitioner who was considered the best in Brisbane who diagnosed me with Leaky Gut Syndrome. At last I thought I was getting somewhere, but after a year of seeing him I still was not getting any better. I had every conceivable test done including stool tests that only revealed mild Candida Albicans, with no mention that I may have parasites.

It was through my own research that I began to think I may have parasitic overgrowth. I emailed heads of parasitology departments at universities and anyone else I could find with similar symptoms. I found a website from a Sydney woman who had similar symptoms who was eventually diagnosed with parasites through the Centre of Digestive Diseases in Sydney. Feeling very encouraged, she referred me to the centre to get a stool test done by submitting a purged sample. This apparently was far more accurate in detecting parasites that normal stool testing. Once again, I submitted my 3 day sample to again be told I did not have parasites. I was treated like an idiot for requesting the test done and given no information or report about the test, just two words… “there’s nothing”!

It was at this point that I came across a website by an American Physicist and Kinesiologist, named Prof Steven Rochlitz. His website (www.wellatlast.com), was a wealth of information on parasitic infestation (Parasitosis) and how this may be a root cause of all my symptoms (Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel, Leaky Gut etc… all of them!). I thought “at last!” I have finally found someone who knows about this and has done years of research into it. I had read that he had suffered with these types of symptoms all his life and how he had been on the same merry-go-round of doctors as I had (and probably thousands of others). I read several of his articles and was amazed that this information was either not known by anyone in the ‘medical’ field, or it was chosen to be ignored. I was so impressed with his work that I ordered his book ‘Allergies & Candida - with the Physicist’s Rapid Solution’ and after reading it, knew I had found the answers to my problem.

Over the following months of doing more research and speaking with Prof Rochlitz on the phone several times, I decided the only way I was going to get to the bottom of my problem was to go to America to see him. So, after exhausting every avenue I could in Australia, I went to America to see him. This has proved to be the best thing I ever did as he uncovered all of my problems that were making me so sick.

Through his self-developed methods of advanced kinesiology (muscle biofeedback testing) he revealed that I did in fact have imbalance from several types of Protozoan parasites, viruses, and bacteria! In addition to this, I was then tested to see what remedies were going to be safe and effective for me. I cannot tell you how amazed I was with the accuracy of his testing and how well he made me feel after his methods of energy balancing.

In his book, Prof Rochlitz says it is the protozoan parasites that are often the root cause of illness in people who are ‘ecologically ill’, and that Candida is usually secondary to these parasites. This is why most people, after being treated for Candida, still remain unwell, as the underlying cause is not dealt with. Also the subsequent allergies that develop due to parasitosis form a cycle of illness that perpetuates the parasitosis and Leaky Gut (gut permeability), thus causing further allergies… and so on! It’s not hard to see that with current testing methods in Australia for parasites, that so many people remain unwell as their parasites are never uncovered and dealt with.

Another major break-through that Prof Rochlitz uncovered was the fact that I had a Hiatus Hernia. I had been suffering for years with digestion problems that every doctor and practitioner I saw miss-diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or just blamed it on stress. Never was it revealed that I may have a hernia, even after several ultrasound’s and scans of my abdomen, including an Endoscopy! Prof Rochlitz has made several discoveries linking hiatal hernia with those with ecological illnesses, and how it plays a major role in keeping people unwell. He also has shown me how to control the hernia through diet, lifestyle change, energy balancing and the use of a hernia ‘egg’, to drag down the stomach when it rises up into the chest. This indeed was a major discovery of what was making me so sick, and how it contributed in a major way to my ecological illness.

My recommendations to those who are experiencing similar symptoms and are not getting any answers, is to go Prof Rochlitz’s website (www.wellatlast.com), read his articles, buy his book called Allergy and Candida and learn as much about his research as possible. There is nothing like learning from someone who has been through it all his life! In his book, you will learn ways to overcome your illness and bring back the life you have lost. You can also make an appointment to see him, where he will use his advanced energy balancing methods to reveal the earliest cause of your illness, and begin to deal with the real problem that is making you ill, not just the symptoms.

Since my return from seeing Prof Rochlitz (in November 2002), I am finally on the road to a full recovery. I feel better than I have for years and know that I am equipped with the knowledge about my illness and how to overcome it.

I cannot thank Prof Rochlitz enough for his excellent work. If it was not for him, I would probably be bed-ridden by now, crippled with chronic fatigue and depression. Thank you Steve, from the bottom of my heart!

David Edwards. January 2002.

October, 2006 UPDATE

It's been nearly five years since I visited Steve for my chronic environmental illness problems, and thankfully, I am still well and very grateful I can lead a "normal" life again, outside the prison of my previous chronic illnesses. Steve's treatment was the best thing I ever did for my health, and the information I learnt from him has allowed me to gain, hold on to, and enjoy a relatively healthy and normal lifestyle again. I still have food sensitivities, a hiatal hernia and digestive problems, but I have learnt to adapt my diet and lifestyle to stay in control of these problems, and not allow them take hold of me again!

My food sensitivities still include wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, and MSG, but complete avoidance of these foods makes a HUGE difference to my well being, but I don't beat myself up about it if I deviate! I am also very sensitive to soap. But, through diet, lifestyle choice and exercise I am able to stay on top of these nasties. I treat myself for parasites twice a year, and take pro biotics to help maintain a healthy gut flora. The best exercises I have found for the hiatal hernia is yoga, walking, and Steve's energy balancing exercise. Laughter is also very good at making the stomach drop... so go an hire a good comedy DVD! I also have a swing machine, which helps drop the stomach while straightening the spine and relaxing the muscles.

Thanks again Steve! Your work is just sensational, and I hope you are able to continue to change the lives of those who suffer needlessly with undiagnosed environmental illnesses. Please keep up your amazing work! All the very best.

David Edwards.

Disclaimer: Please see an appropriate health professional if you suspect you may have any of the above symptoms or problems. Views in this article represent the views of the writer based on experience and research. This information should be researched in more detail by the reader to make up your own mind. If you have a medical problem, I urge you to contact the appropriate health professional first.

David Edwards <d.edwards@optusnet.com.au>
Brisbane, Australia - Monday, November 17, 2003 at 16:12:54 (GMT)
Dear Sir, Your book on hiatal hernia and vagal disfunction contains the most accurate description of my symptoms I ever came accross online or in print. My physicians do not deny that I experience them, but for them they are "clinically" irrelevant.I can vouch for the difference between my gut being "up" and it being "down" (where it belongs)when I slightly lean forward, with my hands on a table, and relax my abdominal muscle tone, i.e. let my gut hang down. I also know that a loss of about 60 more lb would make a world of difference in that regard. I do have coronary desease (2 stents, Dec. 03). All my cardiac tests since, and even before the stenting, with the exception of catheterization, have been negative. And yet, there are moments when I feel as though I am dying until, as you say, I belch out that gas bubble. Troughout most of my adult life, I've had gastrointestinal disorders (gastritis, GERD,PUD, hiatal hernia), but HH symptoms have never appeared when my weight was below 200 lb. Since the late Sixties I have gradually ascended to 300 lb (02), fourty of which I have lost this year to date.
Vladimir Arandjelovic <avladaz@aol.com>
Mesa, AZ U.S.A. - Saturday, June 12, 2004 at 18:24:28 (GMT)
...The work of Dr. Rochlitz deserves nothing but words of highest praise! ...Keep up the Good Work. Best Luck
raul rodrigez <raul1@ticnet.com>
dallas, tx USA - Monday, February 04, 2002 at 03:42:30 (GMT)
I'm anxious to get started with the 5th Edition. I've had fibromyalgia for 25 years, and chemical sensitivites for 10 years, with the last three years being my worst. I've tried the candida diet and took Diflucan and Nystatin, and did not improve. I've had over 50 NAET acupuncture appointments, and only received minimal improvement, but it was short lived. I'm so excited to get my book soon, and get started.
Connie Pitts <TimPitts@peoplepc.com>
Aurora, CO USA - Sunday, February 03, 2002 at 20:14:46 (GMT)
What can I say, it stopped my back from hurting. It works, it's simple and it is light enough that you can take it with you. Don Bock
Donald G. Bock <thebocks@ipa.net>
Bauxite, Ar U.S - Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 00:39:51 (GMT)
I am a chiropractor practicing in Ontario for ~10 years. I have been using Applied Kinesiology in my practice for most of that time. I believe that every individual should take their health into their own hands. I commend Steven Rochlitz for his well written books that make very useful information so readable and so usable.
> I'm trying to overcome Candidiasis and my dad has troupble with High Blood Pressure What a great website Kim
Kim Bednarowski <bkim@bgosh.com>
Pickett, WI USA - Sunday, January 06, 2002 at 05:18:50 (GMT)
Excellent site. THanks ~Anime Bose
New York, NY USA - Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 00:07:11 (GMT)
I find your books very enlighting. I want to learn more. Please keep helping people. Thanks!
Bill Harris <Billh1619@AOL.com>
Fredericksburg, VA N/A - Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at 18:21:19 (GMT)
God bless you!
interested in locating the likely causes of a whole series of ill effects - negative/sensitive attitude in childhood/bedwetting/dyslexia/allergies/migraines and possibly links between these and candida/environmental triggers
louise spencer <loui_spencer@hotmail.com>
genva, - Sunday, April 29, 2001 at 19:37:08 (GMT)

Please support Prof. Steven Rochlitz. Here are some reasons why.

Most online groups and forums are actually geared to make sure sick people do NOT get well, and will NOT find the ultimate causes of their chronic or environmental illness. This is particularly true of most groups/forums about. MCS, EHS, MCAS, CFS, Porphyria, Lyme’s, Pyroluria, Bipolar, CPn, and autism. Many alleged top alternative physicians--especially some authors--are actually also inserted to ensure that sick people do NOT get well nor find the ultimate cause(s) of their illness. This is especially true regarding MCS, CFS, Lyme’s, Pyroluria and Autism. The epitome of this is Carl Pfeiffer MD. See this: http://www.nytimes.com/1988/11/23/obituaries/carl-c-pfeiffer-pharmacologist-dies-at-80.html

As that article states, 45 years ago Dr. Pfeiffer was at the top of alternative medicine, holistic nutrition and orthomolecular psychiatry. He hid porphyria with pyroluria. After Pfeiffer died, the NY Times ran an obituary which revealed that before being inserted at the top of alternative medicine etc., as a CIA agent, he injected helpless prisoners with LSD for 9 years, in the CIA’s mind control experiments. Many of today’s alleged top alternative practitioners--especially some authors--are also agents. Here are some giveaways that someone is an agent. If s/he says any of the following lies: “Pyroluria causes porphyria”, or “pyroluria tests yield porphyria results too”, “nutritional deficiencies cause all chronic illness”, “you can’t adversely react to supplements:”, or they use a lab for porphyria that does the diagnosing--with corrupt 10X guidelines--when that is the physician’s job, not the lab’s. It is porphyria that causes pyroluria and mast cell disease, as Prof. Rochlitz’s books reveal.

Also this website and our books tell you that supplements can and do frequently cause allergic or porphyric reactions, and deficiencies are not the cause of most chronic or env. illnesses. Many people just get sicker and poorer after seeing many alternative practitioners--especially some authors, some [semi-]permanently from taking Artemisia/wormwood, ozone, DMPS, DMSA, neutralizations, or large daily doses of zinc or B6, or other supplements. Hidden porphyria is often the cause. Lyme’s practitioners are making thousands of people sicker and inducing porphyria with their use of Artemisia/wormwood, and/or certain drugs, for alleged co-infection of Babesia, [or initially for Lyme's bacteria]. And then then they falsely claim "it’s all Lyme’s or Babesia", when it’s what they are giving patients causing chronic porphyria. Likewise all the different diets that say it will take months or years to improve are a sham. See below for feedback on this. When individual, accurate AK testing of foods for sensitivity and porphyria is done—part of the unique Rochlitz Methods—great improvement can occur quickly.

Prof. Steven Rochlitz is the only one warning people about all this. Please support Prof. Steve maximally. Order all our books at this site. Get extra copies for your family, friends, or clients, patients, or practitioner. Recommend this website and our books to everyone online and in the real world. Thank you.

Remember, Prof. Steve has said that people needn’t be sick for many months, years or decades with chronic or env. illness. It usually means: 1. The wrong thing(s) are being done, and/or 2. The right things have not been done. Again, see below for feedback from some people who did phone or in-person consultation or seminar training with Prof. Steve. Though mostly retired now, it may still be possible for our book buyers/readers to see the Professor and hopefully get wellatlast.


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