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Charles Springer, Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court. [Ret.] wrote: "Your book, Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause... is a Trailblazing Masterpiece. It's captivating and wonderful."

Dr. John Wright, M.D.: "The Rochlitz Methods should be taught to all. With Rochlitz's books, the reader can now be able to overcome many complaints. The results have been quite stunning."

Many people with MCS, EHS, CFS, MCAS, Lyme, mold neurotoxicity, pyroluria, porphyria and other problems finally get well or much better after ordering and reading Prof. Steven Rochlitz’s books and/or doing consult or seminars. He is unique in all the world as he was a physics professor who had suffered from these same problems himself.

In 2002, Professor Steve became the world's first holistic porphyria expert, making many breakthroughs in the understanding of porphyria and related problems and devising safe, solutions for rapid improvement in most cases. He was the first in the history of the world to declare that porphyria is a common (not rare) disorder and the cause of MCAS, pyroluria, MCS, EMFS, some neuro, and "mental" illnesses. He also created innovative methods for hiatal hernia and other problems. Accept no recent imitators for the sake of your health. The Professor has helped many people to get well who were told their problems were all Lyme, mold, auto-immune disease when they actually had porphyria often brought about by long term incorrect treatments.

His books are the only ones to get at the root causes and to offer safe solutions. So many people sadly only get sicker and poorer from drugs or supplements or diet recommendations that may be further inducing [the usually hidden] porphyria. 2022 marks the 42nd anniversary that Prof. Steven Rochlitz has offered consults and the best health books.

For 38 years he has also taught his HEBS Training Seminars. These are training in Human Ecology and Energy Balancing Sciences Applied Kinesiology. Please don't wait to do consultation or Seminars as retirement is near, and no one else can do what the Professor does and teaches. See our Guest Book page for feedback from actual clients and students.

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NOTE: Our books cost us much more to print because they are digitally printed in smaller quantities, with soy ink. There is thus no offset printing varnish. We the publisher and shipper do not use any kind of fragrance and neither does our printer. Most MCS sufferers find our books very safe to immediately read.

Do not read books on electronic devices. The screens ALL flicker and this causes many symptoms, and most people with food or chemical sensitivities also have EMFS.

Book combinations ["combos"] at significant discount and reduced shipping, are listed near the bottom of the page called "Other Essential Books Plus Special Combo Discounts".. See link at upper left. The 6 book combination has been likened to getting a holistic health degree from the future--with a value of many thousands of dollars.

Be advised: there are now unscrupulous individuals who have gotten our two porphyria books and have tried to put their names on Prof. Rochltz’s discoveries. Avoid. They have not taken any of the author’s seminars nor would they ever be allowed to. But you can still do consults and/or seminars with the author now before retirement comes.

It may now be possible to have a phone consultation with Professor Steve Rochlitz within 24 hours. Contact him at rochlitz [@] Retype that in the usual way.

Note: Steven Rochlitz, is a former physics professor, and is known as the world’s leading holistic health expert. He actually helps most people to get well or much better. He has taught his H.E.B.S. seminars across four continents, and clients have come to see him from five continents. His books are known as the best ever written for uncovering the ultimate causes of chronic and/or environmental illnesses and for having illustrated, rapid, self-help techniques to improve health as well as unique diet and supplement recommendations. Each book is different and unique, and these books often reveal what others don't know or deliberately hide.

Professor Steve Rochlitz is a world renowned expert on energy testing and balancing for the "ultimate causes of health problems." He is also an expert on diet and supplements for many problems. Prof. Rochlitz has had clients come to see him for their issues including: fatigue, fibromyalgia, hiatal hernia, porphyria, mast cell disease [MCAS], pyroluria, Candida, Lyme, parasites, Cdn, mold neurotoxicity, autism, brain injury, pain, arthritis, MCS, EHS, food sensitivities, M.S., afib, detoxification, dyslexia, vision improvement, athletic performance improvement, and other things.

People have come—for wellness, and/or seminar sessions--from: Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Argentina, Japan, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Israel, the USA, and other countries. Prof. Rochlitz is not a licensed medical practitioner.

Here is a great interview of Prof. Steven Rochlitz on the ultimate causes of chronic or environmental illnesses, including porphyria, mast cell disease [MCAS], MCS, food sensitivities, "mental" illness, and other crucial matters:

Here is a new set of interviews/podcasts: "Ask the Professor", whereby the author reveals many remarkable cases of helping "hopeless" people to get well and to overcome chronic and/or environmental illnesses during his 42 year career.

Note that in our 42 years, we have never sold, rented or given out our buyers’ information. You’re safe with us.

Quantity discounts--up to 50% off--are described further still toward the bottom of that page.

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This website, like our books, is for research and educational purposes only. Please consult your physician for medical advice.

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